Our 7 Day California Road Trip

Road tripping Pacific Coast Highway 1 has been on our bucket list for a while. We just returned and it absolutely did not disappoint! I did a lot of research and planning so I thought I would share my itinerary for those that would like to add this to their own bucket list! This was… Continue reading Our 7 Day California Road Trip

Eating My Elephant

My 2019 motto is “You eat an elephant ONE bite at a time,”or something like that. But, that just sounds a little gross cause who likes to eat elephant anyway?!?! Maybe I could change it to “You eat the world’s largest cupcake ONE bite at a time,” but that just doesn’t have the same appeal… Continue reading Eating My Elephant

8 Ways To Chase Away Negative Thoughts

Negativity.  It seems to creep up on us when we least expect it, and once it has worked its way in, it tries to roll out its sleeping bag and set up camp! It happens oh so fast. Once you have let it in, you can either entertain it, roll around in it (stinky!) and let… Continue reading 8 Ways To Chase Away Negative Thoughts

The Friday Night Introvert

What is a perfect night? Date nights, concerts, theater, dinner with friends, family outings, church social events, and celebrations are generally the choice for this right-brained “Orange-Sanguine-Hufflepuff-ESFP”. (If you are confused, those are different personality tests that -in a nutshell-mean that I am the outgoing, creative type that likes to have fun and is scatter-brained)… Continue reading The Friday Night Introvert

Nothing Is Impossible!

Originally posted on Joyful Heart & Home:
There is this song titled, Nothing Is Impossible.  We sang it yesterday at church, and I always get emotional when I sing it.  Every time I hear this song, I am reminded of a cold, Sunday morning over two years ago.  I woke up thinking… God, I can’t…

You Don’t Know the Path She Walks

She walks through the halls with anger in her eyes. YOU see a rebellious girl filled with hatred. SHE sees her mom once a week from behind a glass wall. You don’t know the path she walks. She has quite the reputation and pretends not to see them whispering about her. YOU see a promiscuous… Continue reading You Don’t Know the Path She Walks